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About Our Company


La Needs is established for providing hassle free service to all the people from all the field. We have a strong vision to make people feel that they are safe, comfortable and not alone or new to area. When a person find himself at a new place, he always have a fear of being charged more than usual at market place. Hence, we are providing our services to achieve the goal that everyone who is not at their own place feel comfortable and confident.



To build a global hassle free environment and a tool for people from all over the world. A person from any part of the world can get his any of the work done, any where in the world. La Needs provides the feeling of safety and confidence to the people who lack it due their existence at new place. Safety from being mischief at new market place where people always have a fear of being charged more than the actual prices. La Needs will bring back the confidence as people feel at their home by providing the actual prices of the goods or services. La Needs provides the strength to emotional threads between relations, regardless of distance or lack of time by means of delivering Bouquet, Sweets, Cakes, Shagun, Gifts on the occasion of Marriage Anniversary, Birthday, Marriage, Tilak, Festivals of your relatives or friends. Imagine the feeling of your relative when he awake in the morning and a person wishing him at his doorstep with appropriate wish item say Bouquet on the occasion of his marriage anniversary. When you hear "thanx" from your relative you also must be delighted. La Needs provides Marriage related bookings. La Needs deserved to bring transparency in the entire workout, to break the traditional practice of back door commission in the business like Hotel Booking so that you can get rid of that commissions at very Nominal charges. La Needs is aimed to provide quality goods/services at lowest rate by contracts with shopkeeper/ service provider on behalf of the customers. La Needs wishes to touch everyone's heart through any of it's service.



Our Mission

We will bring safety and comfort on top of mind for all. We will realize our Vision through an Integrated Safety Management approach, which focuses on People, Processes, Systems, Technology and Facilities, supported by demonstrated leadership and commitment at all levels as the prime drivers for ensuring a safe and healthy work environment. La Needs is India's largest next generation media cum fast moving consumer goods company. our mission is to add Vitality to life.